Our Story

  • What sets Greenridge Farm apart from other meats and cheeses on the market?

    At Greenridge Farm, we pride ourselves on delivering only high quality products that Chicagoans can feel good about enjoying at home or serving to friends and family. Our deli meats are free of artificial flavors, artificial colors, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, MSG, gluten and soy. Our products are made from only the best quality ingredients we can source, are naturally lower in sodium, and use only sea salt in all of our recipes.

  • What makes Greenridge Farm products all natural?

    All the products that carry the Naturals* label, are made to the standards set by the USDA for natural. They are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients. Using traditional recipes makes this easy because many of the recipes have been around long before any of the artificial ingredients were!

  • Are Greenridge Farm products gluten free?

    Yes, all Greenridge Farm products are gluten free.

  • Are Greenridge Farm Naturals* products nitrate and nitrite free?

    No meat products can be truly nitrate and nitrite free as there are naturally occurring nitrates found in meat, sea salt, etc. But, we do not add any nitrates or nitrites to the products during processing. We also do not use any sodium nitrate, citrate, phosphate, etc. in any of our Naturals* products. As our label states, only those naturally occurring in celery powder and sea salt. But we’re confident those were the ones nature intended us to eat!

  • From where does Greenridge Farm source its ingredients?

    Greenridge Farm uses only premium ingredients and sources from local family farms whenever possible to ensure the freshest, highest quality. Many of which are in the Midwest to ensure the highest level of freshness.

  • Where can I find Greenridge Farm nutrition info?

    Greenridge Farm nutritional information can be found on product packages, as well as on our product pages by clicking on the product you are interested in.

  • Where can I find Greenridge Farm ingredient info?

    The ingredients in Greenridge Farm products can be found on the product packages, as well as on our product pages by clicking on the product you are interested in.

  • How are Greenridge Farm products made?

    Our meats are made in small batches to ensure each bite is deliciously flavorful with a fresh, butcher-quality taste. From slowly marinating and naturally smoking, to trimming all meat by hand, we don’t take shortcuts. All our products are made at our facility in Elk Grove Village, Ill., and delivered fresh daily throughout Chicagoland.

  • Where can I find Greenridge Farm products?

    Greenridge Farm is currently sold at more than 75 retail locations throughout Chicagoland, including Mariano’s, Caputo’s, Tony’s, Stanley’s and more. Visit our Where to Buy page for more information.

  • Can I freeze Greenridge Farm meats?

    Sausages can be frozen for up to 90 days and still maintain the same great flavor. We do not recommend freezing any of our premium lunch meats or cheeses.

  • Can you eat lunch meat while pregnant?

    While we are great at making premium, hand-cut meats in truly artisanal and traditional methods, we are not, in fact, doctors. Please consult your physician or medical professional for direction on foods that are safe while pregnant.

  • I can’t find Greenridge Farm at my local store. How can I get your tasty products on shelf?

    We’re so flattered you ask! Please talk with your store manager and let them know you’re interested in seeing Greenridge Farm products at their deli counter. Then, shoot us a note at info@greenridgefarm.com so we can follow up with the store.

  • Is it safe to eat Greenridge Farm products after the expiration date?

    Simply put, we wouldn’t eat expired food and neither should you.

  • How long are Greenridge Farm products safe to eat after opening?

    Most products should be consumed within 5 to 7 days from opening for optimal freshness and taste.

  • Do any Greenridge Farm products contain allergens?

    Please check the ingredient list on the back of your package, or visit our product pagesfor full ingredient list.

  • Are Greenridge Farm sausages pre-cooked or do I need to cook them?

    All of our premium sausages are fully cooked before you buy them. We recommend cooking them to a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit prior to consuming.

  • How can I contact you guys?

    We’d love to hear from you! Visit our contact page.