Holiday Wreath Charcuterie Board

Hosting for the holidays? This wreath charcuterie board is a great appetizer to wow your guests and it’s super simple to put together. Charcuterie boards are always a crowd pleaser, they’re perfect for nibbling before the big meal!


Ingredients for the board pictured:

  • 12-14 sprigs of fresh rosemary

  • 2-3 Greenridge Farm Jalapeño Cheddar Beef Sticks, sliced in 2-inch pieces

  • ¼-½ lb of Greenridge Farm Gypsy Ham, sliced thin

  • ¼-½ lb of Greenridge Farm Garlic Ham, sliced thin

  • ¼ lb Greenridge Farm Honey Glazed Turkey breast, sliced thin

  • 10-15 round butter crackers

  • 10-15 mini toast crackers

  • 10-15 cranberry, pumpkin seed crackers

  • ½-1 full cucumber, sliced with peel on

  • 1 large handful of baby carrots

  • 1 large handful of fresh blueberries

  • 3-5 slices Greenridge Farm Colby Jack Cheese, cut in shapes

  • 3-5  Greenridge Farm Muenster Cheese, sliced in strips

  • 2 large handfuls dried cranberries

  • 3-5 dried figs, sliced

  • ½ cup pomegranate seeds

  • ¼ cup Greenridge Farm Sweet and Hot Stone Ground Mustard


Other ingredient options:

  • Any of Greenridge Farms lunch meats, beef sticks, cheese and mustards. Visit our site for more options!

  • Nuts/Seeds

  • Olives

  • Spreads such as fig jam and pepper jelly

  • Slices of fresh French baguette


  • Having a theme is a fun and festive way to present your board.

    • For this Christmas wreath we used a round board to create the shape.

    • Rosemary to bring the greenery, pine feel.

    • Christmas themed cookie cutters for cheese and meat.

    • Pomegranate seeds to add a real Christmas vibe.

    • A sparkly red bow for the final touch.

  • A variety of ingredients is key to a good charcuterie board.

    • Helps create texture and color for an aesthetically pleasing spread.

    • Provides something for all guests to enjoy no matter their dietary restrictions.

    • Suggestions for ingredients:

      • 2-4 different meat options. For this board we used a variety of our meats, focusing on different flavors and colors. See ingredient list below for specific Greenridge Farm products used.

      • 1-2 veggies options, we used carrots and cucumbers.

      • 1-3 cracker, toast, pretzel or bread options. Adding at least 1 gluten-free item helps please all of your guests.

      • 1-3 different cheese options, a mix of different colored and flavored cheeses. Having a spicy and mild option is nice!

      • Fresh and dried fruits are an excellent idea. We used fresh blueberries, dried figs and dried cranberries here. We also added a touch of fresh pomegranate seeds.


  • Having a mix of different colors makes the board really pop and draw your guests in.

    • Fruits, veggies and a variety of different nuts, crackers, meats and cheeses will help bring an array of color. Arrange your ingredients so that items with similar color are not placed next to each other. For instance bright green cucumbers look great next to red cranberries rather than celery.

  • Cutters for cheese and rolling or slicing meat in different ways brings depth and a little fun to your board.

  • Keep it kid friendly but still fancy

    • If you’re hosting family and friends chances are there will be kids. It’s nice to give them some options that aren’t as intimidating. We used recognizable cheeses that are adult and kid friendly like Greenridge Farm Colby Jack and Muenster. Other great Greenridge options are Mild and Sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Pepperjack and Provolone.

    • Kids love lunch meat so we used Greenridge Farm Honey Glazed Turkey Breast, Garlic Ham and Gypsy Ham. Finally, everyone’s favorite Greenridge Farm Beef Sticks!

    • A mix of fancy and simple crackers.

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